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It is distinct from closed-die forging, in which the dies fully enclose the workpiece when they are brought together. The open die forging process allows for larger products to be forged than other types of forging – up to 150 tons and 80 feet long or more. Read More…

Open Die Forging Also known as smith forging, open die forging uses simply-shaped, non-encompassing dies to hammer or press a metal workpiece into a certain shape.
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Freeport, IL  |  815-233-3833

Anchor Harvey is a one-stop, fully-integrated aluminum forge shop with in-house engineering to assist our customers bring their products to market faster. We’ve been producing dependable products since 1923, and we serve industries including aerospace, medical devices, recreational vehicles, and heavy equipment. When you choose Anchor Harvey, you choose dependability, competitive pricing, and the shortest lead time in our industry.

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Chicago, IL  |  800-932-0357

Although we have over 100 years of experience, we are committed to continually expanding our offerings in all industries. We are not content to remain as we are, but we continually work to improve our products and processes each and every day.

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Fairfield, NJ  |  800-600-9290

All Metals & Forge Group is your ISO9001:2015 and AS9100D registered forging facility. All Metals provides a wide range of materials, products and services, including discs, shafts, sleeves, cylinders, plates, blocks and many other shapes, both stock and custom, satisfying all of their customers’ requirements. Give All Metals & Forge Group a chance to satisfy your needs— you’ll be glad you did!

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Jefferson, OH  |  888-536-3674

Here at Ken Forging we are a family-owned business who offers our customers high quality forgings. We require no minimum orders and our forgings come in a variety of materials including: stainless steel, carbon steel and more. We provide outstanding technical support and our teams are here to meet your needs by providing same day shipping. You can trust the experts at Ken Forging. Contact us today for more information!

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Weyers Cave, VA  |  724-451-8561

Cerro Fabricated Products is a custom manufacturer of blank or machined forgings in aluminum, brass, copper, bronze and other specialized nonferrousalloys. We pride ourselves on our foundation built on strong customer service and dedication to high-quality products and services.

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Open die forging is used most often to produce round, square, rectangular, and hexagonal bars, beams and other basic shapes. Other common products formed using open die forging include spindles, hubs, mandrels, step shafts, metal shells, simple pancake forgings and pierced blanks. Since tooling tends to be simpler and lower in cost for open die forges than for closed die forges, open die forging is better suited for lower volume production runs and for creating unique forged items.

The pressure applied during the forging process gives metal improved grain structure, higher density, decreased porosity and therefore additional strength and longer service life as compared to cast metal products. Open die forging works well with any metal, including carbon steel, stainless steel, copper, nickel, aluminum and titanium.

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Industries that benefit from open die forgings include aerospace, automotive, material handling, marine, military, cement, electronics and home appliances.

In open die forging, a metal workpiece, usually heated above its re-crystallization temperature, rests on a stationary anvil and is struck on the opposite side by a hammer or press, so that it is compacted and conforms to the shape of the anvil and hammer dies. The dies can be flat, concave or convex, or may include a tool to form holes or to shear.

The product usually requires numerous strikes or presses to take on its intended shape, so an operator must repeatedly reposition and orient the workpiece so that the die will fall successively on the next side or sections of the workpiece. Multiple open die forging processes can be combined to create a final product. In some cases open die forging can also be a pre-forming process for subsequent operations using other forging methods or various machining processes.

The whole forging process can be customized to attain the optimal grain structure and ensure the best-performing final product possible. Open die forging is the most common method of forging utilized to produce simple forms and small production runs, offering many possibilities for creating high strength metal pieces.

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